Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer plans

This is a relief over a confessional in Ardennes, France.
Last time I posted about my summer, God was asking me to relinquish my plans. Just like he did in a year ago, he returned my plans to me after a time for resignation. Both times, they were changed fundamentally: they became His plans, and I stopped depending on them for confidence. Both times, I was reminded of the real source of my hope and sustenance. Ah, constant conversion, how much I need thee.

This summer I will be taking part in the first summer externship for pro-life medical students sponsored by Medical Students for Life of America. Yay! I will go to D.C. for a week and take a crash course in ethical research, then work with a physician for five weeks researching a topic related to beginning- and end-of-life issues and the underserved. I am happy to have something to do and hope that my work is fruitful.

I am spending a little over a week at home to see my siblings, and at the end of the summer I am hoping to attend the informational conference on consecrated virginity lived in the world (brochure). This is a form of consecrated life available to Catholic virgins since the earliest days of the Church, which has seen a new springtime since 1970 when it was renewed for women outside religious orders and codified in Canon 604 of Canon Law. Consecrated virgins in this country often choose to become members of the U.S. Association for Consecrated Virgins, which is gives an annual information conference available for all interested.

Classes begin August 6, so there won't be much time to come down from the Transfiguration of the conference before my second year of medical school begins!

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