Blog Rules

When sharing this blog, please don't share my real name (if you know it). To protect me and the patients I sometimes blog about, I keep my name and my medical school anonymous. I also never post identifying information (information that would allow a stranger to discover exactly who I am talking about). Posts containing clinical experiences are posted between 1 and 30 calendar days after the date the experiences occurred, to further obscure the identity of any patients involved. The amount of delay is determined by a random integer generator. I endeavor to do the right thing. If I violate these rules, please let me know by emailing me about the offending post. Thank you!

Comments are published as quickly as possible, regardless of grammar or viewpoint expressed. However, I am responsible for the content of this blog, and do not publish profanity, spam (e.g. repeated links to a site), threats or other inappropriate content, or comments containing the real name of me or persons I write about.