Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make the pro-life movement classy

One of the projects keeping me busy in the first week off was making some signs for my brother and I to hold when we pray outside Planned Parenthood every week. Ugly or cheap homemade signs are repulsive and some of the old slogans aren't very effective.

So, I got to make (what I think are) the ideal pro-life signs: crisp, easy to read, and sensitive to all those who can suffer from abortion (women, partners/spouses, clinic staff, PP volunteers). I bought 20x30" foam-core,  printed and cut out large letters which I traced. I then painted between the lines, to avoid peeling and fading letters. The red vinyl arrow under "ULTRASOUNDS" detaches and reattaches to point the other direction (white letters are on the other side, too) if necessary.

Those that I love deserve the best. Women, those who come with them, and clinic workers are no exception and actually have a greater claim on my mercy.

So I'm keeping it classy.


  1. How amazing to read your post today on praying at abortion clinics. I was overcome at Mass this morning with such a strong sense of how especially grieved the Holy Spirit must be at abortion clinics. He - the One who breathes new life into those wombs - to see them taken so soon and in such a manner. It may be hard to believe, but I had never before today thought specifically about the Holy Spirit in this connection before. Veni, Creator Spiritus...

  2. I never thought about Pentecost and abortion, either! I don't think I'll forget this next time I stand at Planned Parenthood. Happy Pentecost, Teresa.