Saturday, April 28, 2012

Catholicism > humanism, based on rigorous criteria

When you join the CMA you get a pin. Now I can replace the "Humanism in Medicine" pin on my lapel with the AWESOME Catholic pin which is not only bigger, but in color. Add a precious feet pin and I'm all set.

The coppery humanism pin has a picture of a heart-shaped stethoscope on it.
The CMA pin has a gold caduceus superimposed on a red cross over a deep blue  background,
rimmed in gold. It's practically a coat of arms. "Epic win" is now spelled "h-o-l-i-n-e-s-s."


  1. The epic win of holiness is always cooler with a pin. I <3 my baby feet!!

    1. Girls at TAC were fond of loosely quoting St. Teresa of Avila, who supposedly said that Heaven and chocolate would be better than Heaven alone. Holiness plus a pin must, therefore, be better than holiness without one. More perfections!

      I love my baby feet, too. Thanks for reading; God bless you!