Friday, January 13, 2012


I just read a great post at Catholic Sistas about veiling. At TAC, perhaps 20% of female students veil. I began to wear one myself as a sophomore, but during the summer and Christmas holidays I got so many looks and felt so pressured by my parents that I stopped veiling at Mass. Only after Mass would I go to the day chapel, veil, and make my thanksgiving.

Over the summer, I lost my veil at one of the last daily Masses I attended before moving out. I have lost things before and benefited from discontinuing them for a time (I feel as though Our Lady almost took my Little Office book away when it was stressing me out). So, I reluctantly but peacefully stopped veiling.

I wish more parishes and women would take up this custom! It is an antidote to feminism—a mark of a woman's sacredness and likeness to Christ. (Sacred objects are covered, like chalices, tabernacles, altars, and priests. Sacred topics are the same way, and even people of civil importance are formally gowned.) My veil began as a mark of specialness, then humility, then a tool to create privacy in my soul during Mass. Finally, it became a sign of sweet submission, and exclusive belonging to Christ. For this reason, I look forward to taking it up if I am confirmed in my vocation to consecrated life.

For more on veiling, check out a comprehensive review of the custom by Fish Eaters. Then, enter this raffle to win a free veil.

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We veil Our Lord, we veil the altar servers, and we veil women (I see at least two).
What an honor! Truly, women are treated as a glory. (1 Corinthians 11.)


  1. Confession: I have repeatedly found myself wanting to wear a veil at Mass -- but I've never really known anyone who veils regularly, and no one does it in my parish or other parishes I frequent. It seems like too much of a statement, being the only veiled woman in the church under 85. I don't want people to think I'm saying something I'm not. I like your idea of veiling, not during Mass, but during times of personal prayer in the presence of Jesus... I never thought about it. I may try it.

  2. That's a good way to start, especially if there's nobody else veiling in the parish! I hope you do. :)