Saturday, January 14, 2012

Simplicity Innovations

Why can't we live more simply? Our time here isn't about earthly life! It's about God. I want to become completely transparent and effaced as Christ takes my life for His own. He must increase, I must decrease. There are two parts to this: spiritual (invisible, most of the iceberg) and material (visible, the tip of the iceberg). Materially, I want to take up as little time and space as possible to lead my little life.

Note: I enjoy comforts like tea and thick socks, and I know time can't all be spent in work and contemplation (some recreation is necessary). At the same time, however, I realize there are many ways that I can decrease. Here are some innovations I've found that might help me:

green conesinkpositivefolding showerdrawers under stairs •  in-wall bookcases (2) and cabinetsno-till gardeninggardens in stackersdouble-stacked drawers • secretary desks and murphy beds, especially from this company • in-room closet (this video at 2:53) • laundry chutes • solar shingles • solatubewaterboxx • clotheslines • no-knead bread 

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The Zinn: this house is 16' by 7'.
And finally, tiny houses. (I actually don't know what the cutoff is for "tiny," but the ones I see are between 80 and 900 square feet.) My current future tiny house is the Enesti, by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. It's actually a little larger than my dream (the Zinn), but if I want a chapel, there are rules about it being accessible to the Church militant, so it might be more hospitable to have a larger home. (Plus, living alone is hard.)

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