Sunday, January 1, 2012

Schedule, phase II

The second semester of Year 1 is called "Phase II Year 1" at my medical school. Phase II is system-based and focused on disease and medicine (not on the healthy body), and has more early morning classes. My new horarium looks like this:

5:45 - wake up, exercise
6:15 - Morning Prayer, meditation
7:00 - breakfast, commute to school!
8:00 - class
12:00 - Midday Prayer, then lunch+study
1:00 - more class and studying
4:30 - commute to Church
5:10 - Evening Prayer
5:30 - Mass
6:30 - dinner, recreation
9:30 - Night Prayer, bed

After my first week of this, I realize I don't have as much study time as I need. I'll keep working on it; perhaps I just need to learn to switch tasks faster, or perhaps I need to make a larger change.

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