Monday, September 26, 2011

Schedule nowadays

Some adjustments: praying the rosary along with a podcast in the car is too dangerous! I'm praying it slowly to myself now, in lots of installments throughout the day.

7:00 - wake up, pray
7:20 - walk with notecards on iPhone
7:50 - get ready
8:00 - breakfast
8:30 - leave for school
9:00 - class
12:00 - Midday Prayer, lunch, study (occasional interest group meeting: I only want to be part of OB/GYN and bioethics, but I'll dip into family med)
1:00 - class and studying afterwards
5:30 - Mass, sometimes confession beforehand, read from the Church fathers on virginity
6:15 - go home and study
10:30 - Evening Prayer, dishes, bed

Late-night reviews in the Gross Lab sort of mess this up, but c'est la vie. Also, I'm beginning to meet with a group of peers on Mondays to pray for the upcoming week. They are Protestant, but "test everything; retain what is good."

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