Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily Schedule 2

My day has changed a little bit, since I'm part of some study group and my roomie has moved in.

7:00ish - wake up, pray. Only sometimes walk to mail kiosk, get mail.
8:00 - breakfast
8:30 - leave for school
9:00 - class
12:00 lunch/interest group meetings
1:00 - more class
3:00 - more class or lab (some days) or group meeting
5:30 - Mass, only sometimes
6:30 - go to group meeting (or to anatomy lab)
9:00 - go home, study
11:00 - Evening prayer and bed

Ew. I liked the first schedule better. (Guess who's going to quit some groups?) I want daily Mass, and I want more prayer. Meetings and stuff take the best parts of my day and keep me in the tunnel of a very worldly day. Here's my goal for the next two weeks:

6:45 - wake up, pray
7:00 - walk with notecards on iPhone (get mail)
7:30 - get ready
8:00 - breakfast
8:20 - leave for school (traffic is up since the undergrads started school last weekend), Rosary in car
9:00 - class
12:00 - Midday Prayer, lunch, study (occasional interest group meeting: I only want to be part of OB/GYN and psychiatry, but maybe I'll dip into internal med and family med)
1:00 - class and studying afterwards
5:30 - Mass, sometimes confession beforehand, read from the Church fathers on virginity
6:15 - go home and study
10:30 - Evening Prayer, dishes, bed

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