Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More on ebook behavior

Update on the ethics practical: I presented my question to my online peers. Results are below. Disclaimer: small sample, uncontrolled population, so results are statistically useless. But I am intrigued anyway.

Are unpaid-for ebooks common at your school?
Yes (most students have them) 66 72.53%
No (most students don't have them) 9 8.79
Sorta (maybe half the students use them) 15 15.38
Don't know... 3 3.30%
n: 91

Two sample comments:
it is illegal...everyone, including medical students, share anyway...who cares. If you morally object to it, then don't do it[.]
Man-made laws and your own sense of morality are not mutually inclusive.

In my investigation I also learned that this is a matter of civil law (lawsuits), not criminal law (misdemeanors and felonies). But it is still the law. I believe there is a virtue and holiness acquired by obedience to law, whether be it an excellent law, a pure convention, a harmless hoop to jump through, or inconvenient measure. I didn't say all that online, but I did say "I tend to think breaking the law is not moral." Someone called me "naive" twice in one sentence. And someone simply responded:
...I'm afraid you are wrong.

Update: I looked up the Church teaching on this legal-moral-ethical-same-thing deal. Here's what I found.

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