Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Gross lab is getting a little easier because I'm growing a psychological callus: I can touch anything and it doesn't bother me, I can stand for long periods, skeletal hands and shoulders don't faze me....

We're in the abdomen now, which is more familiar to me from dissections in college. I've also noticed I have better days when a certain pair of lab partners isn't there. In fact, the better days are the days when everyone around the tank is Catholic. The conversation is cleaner, I feel more confident, etc. I still get exhausted afterwards (I'm posting right now because my brain is good for nothing else; I was going to study, but just can't).

Today my eyes are full of fumes--the entire surface of my eyeball, all the way back into the orbit, is sore. The body we've been assigned (our third--we rotate after each major region) is developing mold, and bleach + phenol + fat + bile is pretty strong. One of my tankmates is just recovering from a stomach bug. He just got his appetite back today, and he comes into lab to a putrid tank and an open gallbladder! So I can't complain. All A.M.D.G. Time for histology.

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