Sunday, February 17, 2013

Several people recently have pointed out that these posts don't really reflect my daily schedule. This is true; I lean heavily toward clinical experience. So here's an update

6:00am: wake up, chart, meditation, and Morning Prayer
7:00am: cook breakfast and eat
As soon as possible thereafter (e.g. 7:30): begin studying by watching lectures or doing STEP questions. I attend lecture only when there's a mandatory activity at school in the afternoon, when there is a CMA meeting, or when there's a reproductive sciences lecture. STEP-wise, each day I must read through a certain number of pages of the review book, do at least 25 practice questions (and review the right/wrong answers with the review book), and review one microorganism and one drug (and make a flashcard for each).
11:00am: exercise, if I'm not at school
12:00pm: Midday prayer and lunch. Studying often goes through lunch, but I also take breaks by reading the news (i.e. New Advent) on my phone while eating.
1:00pm: Studying starts again, and goes until 4:45pm, when I leave for...
5:10pm: Evening Prayer at St. Mary's, followed by Mass
7:00pm: home for dinner, followed by (guess what!) more studying.
9:00pm: take a break for reading the day's Catechism, the readings for the next day, and other spiritual reading.
9:30pm: back to studying, until
9:50pm: Night Prayer, and
10:00pm (that's the goal, anyway): bed.

I feel worn out by this regimen. I can't wait for STEP to be over, or at least for classes to be over, that way I'm not double-booked. I normally have about ten hours of traditional lecture per week, and one afternoon in the SIM center per week being evaluated with standardized patients. Nights at the Convent and other events related to consecrated life happen about four times per month, and CMA meets once a month for Mass and once a month at lunch. Somehow, even though I've bowed out of 1flesh writing and leadership, CMA's presidency and MedSFL's major responsibilities, I still feel spent.

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