Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I absolutely don't have a future in film.

I will now attempt to post about everything that I did over the winter break. 
  1. I studied for STEP industriously and daily...for two days;
  2. I celebrated Christmas;
  3. I spent time with my family;
  4. I beat Portal 2, one of the most engaging gifts of Christmas;
  5. I filmed a movie; and
  6. while in the middle of #5, I got sicker than I've been in years.
STEP studying showed me that I definitely needed to study a lot more. However, the filming was extremely demanding and family was also very absorbing, so I let it slip off the list of things to do. 

Every once in a while I get this idea that I can make an awesome movie. It happened in high school a lot: to win a scholarship (I made a lousy don't-drink-and-drive commerical...need I say I didn't win?), to catalog my entire senior year in a movie (which didn't get off the group because of senioritis), to make a documentary about physics in European history (which was short and in fake British accents and so was tolerable and even funny), to make a project about some Catholic moral teaching (NFP? I can't even remember but because this is me we're talking about I assume it was NFP), etc. In college, there were many brainchildren (the most notable being a music video of the Killers' Spaceman featuring Descartes and Aristotle), but no footage.

In med school, I got this idea to make a movie. I contacted a college friend with filmmaking experience and possible professional hopes in that area. Here's the conversation we had:
Me: I am thinking of [describes the film in a long paragraph from which I will spare you]. So, you're the filmmaker: is this doable? 
Friend: What you are describing sounds good, but would require a large amount of resources, both monetary and otherwise. I like the idea, however.
And thus I was foiled in foisting the project onto someone else. Well, then my choleric temperament and I decided to do it, even though I had neither large amounts of resources (monetary or otherwise), nor  filmmaking experience, nor or professional hopes in that area.

It was a roller coaster ride. We shall see whether it even comes to fruition! Meanwhile, please pass a cough drop and the orange tea, and let's study for STEP.

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