Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's Advent! Also, God answered my prayer fervently beseeching Him to send me someone to head up the Catholic Medical Association and Medical Students for Life next year! I am now no longer ridiculously burdened, just semi-ridiculously. :D

ADAPT is over, CMA-SS is in another person's hands (although I'm still first mate), MedSFL is soon to be handed off (although I'm still committed for another year or so), and I declined leadership in the 1flesh university group here as soon we mentioned it. Life is so good. God is so good.


  1. Hi, I've been checking out your blog regularly. With a son-in-law who is a doctor, I find your medical school stories very interesting. I'm curious about one thing, however: among the books at the top is Boericke's Materia Medica, and as a student of homeopathy, I am curious as to your take on it, since homeopathy is usually considered incompatible with standard medicine (quackery! they cry). Actually, I've used homeopathic first aid a lot, and even if it's only the placebo effect, I've found it helpful, especially with children. Boericke's is not my favorite materia medica, and one person who saw it on my bookshelf mistook it for a Bible.
    Thanks for putting up this wonderful blog.

    1. To be honest, my copy of Boericke's was a gift from an older librarian and is more of a bookshelf decoration than a strong statement of "Homeopathy is Awesome."

      That said, I dislike modern medicine's allergy to anything that isn't synthetic and marketed by pharmaceutical companies. If evidence supports a natural remedy, it should be used as often as its cost, effectiveness, and side effects allow.

      Thanks for reading, and have a blessed Christmas!