Saturday, January 12, 2013

Third year is coming!

Third year consists of six rotations:
  1. Internal Medicine (a.k.a. IMED)
  2. Surgery
  3. OB/GYN, which is always coupled with...
  4. Pediatrics (a.k.a. Peds)
  5. Family Medicine, which is always coupled with...
  6. Psychiatry (a.k.a. Psych)
They can be taken in 32 different orders, and today I ranked my preferences for which orders I most prefer. The order I finally get is chosen by lottery at the end of this month.

Our dean of student affairs told us that there's not really a difference in the orders, as far as impressing attendings goes. He said to choose an order based on significant events or personal preference (i.e. weddings, desires to get surgery over with, or wishes to do something easy first).

But I know that there is one variable at the teaching hospital that doesn't exist at the university campus: residents. Residents, who need to delivery so many babies per year. Residents, who are worried about their numbers early in the fall, but who worry less during winter and spring. Residents, who go on Christmas vacation.

So, I preffered orders (which are for some reason called "streams") that placed OB/GYN during or immediately after the Christmas/New Year's season, so that I can do a lot. And that is all I can do. As I finished, I thought how glad I was that God would finally choose the best one. It is in His hands now. I'm so excited to see what He will do!

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  1. 1. I'm so jealous. We have 2 extra ones for third year (Neuro and Geriatrics) Lame!!
    2. I hope you get the stream you want. I did Surgery, IM, and then Family first which I think worked really well. Honestly though I think they all work well and I'm just telling myself it's best because I did it that way. :)

    It's gets way more fun in third year! So excited for you!