Friday, March 23, 2012

"Intro to Disease" schedule

Typing these posts feels so weird! However, I put them up because I want to keep a memory of what it was like to be a medical student; in addition, as a pre-med I always wondered "what do med students do all day?" My typical existence goes like this:

6:30a - wake up, exercise (my version of exercise = a walk + some leg lifts)
7:15a - meditation on the day's readings
7:40a - Morning Prayer
8:00a - eat, dress, pack lunch
Studying with my diptych and my binder of spinal cord slides.
(That's sacral or lumbar cord; you can tell because of the
enlarged ventral horns.)

8:30a - commute (less lousy now that I'm listening to the audiobook of How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization. If you haven't read it and think you think you already know what it says, you're wrong and you need to read it! I'm sure you're as Catholic as can be, but you've been schooled by our culture and it's colonized your thinking. Read this!
9:00a - class (remember when I was going to try not going to class? Yeah...I go almost all the time still. Old habits (high school, TAC) die really hard. However, that experiment did succeed in removing most of the personally-imposed stigma of watch lectures later.)
12:00p - Midday Prayer, then lunch
1:00p - more class! Sometimes, neuroscience lab (way better than anatomy lab; interesting, and no lack of wonder for the organ. The brain is a conspicuous exception to our culture's failure to reverence the body.)
4:45p - head to the church, after studying
5:10p - Evening Prayer in community, with the religious sisters and other students before Mass. This has been a blessing! It's nice to learn new hymns, sing in chorus, have my patience stretched by others, and recite loudly and slowly (which I usually can't do in the apartment or at school).
5:00p - Mass (!)
6:30p - arrive home
7:15p - study
9:00p - "holy hour," not in the real sense of Adoration, but spent reading Introduction to the Devout Life or some other book.
10:00p - Night Prayer, then sleep

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