Monday, March 12, 2012

Crumbling dreams in a world of turbulence

Storm in the Sea
Medical school is fascinating right now. We're in our first systems block (several weeks of intensely studying one organ system): neuroscience. I'm learning about adrenergics and T1/T2 weighted MRIs! By itself, "neuro" would be interesting and manageable.

But I'm not just going to medical school. I'm a Catholic, a leader, a dreamer. I care about the Church and the fate of souls and of my country. I feel the suffering of mothers and children and families affected by our culture.

There is too much going on. It's not all bad: there are evil measures going on, but these provoke a lot of good thought and pruning for the springtime of the Church. Even so, I feel like a boat about to capsize.
Nationally and globally, turbulence is increasing exponentially. I see my dreams of a Catholic women's clinic, maternity home, and/or hospital crumbling. I want to love others by my prayers, my hands and my study! Why am I being prevented from love?

God + come to our assistance. Lord, make haste to help us!


  1. Buck up! You have the psalms to turn to:
    Psalm 57, 81 for Civil authorities
    Psalm 73 for the Church
    Psalm 72 on the seeming triumph of the wicked
    Psalm 143 - a song of hope

    Yes, these are the Vulgate numbering. Today, in the old office we have at Terce 72 and Sext 73.
    A suggestion - you may want to look for The Psalms: A Prayerbook by Benziger Publishing in 1947 -- this is the Pian Psalter, but the commentary is good. OR, alternatively, you may want to go onto E-bay and buy a set of the Divine Office in Latin and English published by the Liturgical Press in 1963-64. Before each psalm is an explanation by Pius Parsch. There is also an introduction in each volume by Parsch explaining the hours. Two sets are available on Ebay now.

    AS JPII said in 1979, "Be not afraid."

    1. You're so right, Mr. McAuley. I am sorry for the very late response to your comment.

      Thank you for the numbers and for the recommendations for the Vulgate. Are there currently two offices?