Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catholic Medical Association: Student Section

So, I realized the purpose of this blog is to record my experience as a Catholic medical student. So here's something to report:

This week our Catholic medical students group brought in a priest and an ER doc to answer questions. I forgot to count how many people came, but I estimate we had almost 20. That's about four times the usual attendance, so I'm pretty excited! There were still a few Catholics in my class who didn't come, though, so there might be room to improve.

I want our group to be a chapter of the Catholic Medical Association - Student Section and am working toward this. Surprisingly, I feel some pressure from our advisors about Catholic identity. The same advisors who said we couldn't host a pro-life Catholic speaker (excuse was being a publicly-funded university system) say that the dues the CMA charges might be too steep for the benefits we gain.

  • First of all: grace is priceless. The graces of community (with other Catholic medical professionals) and the merits of others' prayer and sacrifice are beyond purchase. Invisible, but invaluable.
  • More earthly now: the Linacre Quarterly is the bomb. It's like the NCBC publications, except medical enough to be fun. Plus, there's other members-only content on the CMA website.
  • Also earthly: CMA membership = CMA conference scholarships. And CMA conferences are incredible. Are you going to A Witness to Hope: Medicine and the New Evangelization in 2013?
  • And last: what's $45? Sure, membership in lots of other medical associations is free for students, but truly...what's $45? Four days of groceries, tops. So fast for the Fridays in Lent and you've bought yourself a CMA membership.
Anyway, the upshot is: the Catholic group here is giving me mixed feedback. This has been your report on my experience as a Catholic med student.


  1. I took a look at the CMA's website to find out more about it's Student Section (your post made me curious). I found it amazingly supportive (their Executive Board prays daily for all it's student members!)and a sample newsletter I read was just filled with information, encouragement, resources, etc. I certainly see why you wish to work toward having your student group become affiliated. I'll add it to the prayer list! :)

  2. Thanks! Have a blessed Holy Week.