Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dinner party

From the past few posts, it looks like it's all been fun lately. (I've been working, too; I promise.) I wanted to share a fun thing: I cooked for more than three!

I racked up a huge grocery bill to create shish kabobs. The menu included chicken, bacon-wrapped shrimp, and beef sausages. I marinaded the chicken in something I mixed up myself! 3:1 white vinegar to olive oil, plus some premade chipotle seasoning my Mom gave me. I combined the meat with onions, bell peppers (green, orange, red, yellow), pineapple, butternut squash, and button mushrooms. I drizzled the veggies with basalmic vinegar, lined up a row of kabobs on a baking pan, and baked them for ten minutes. I served rice on the side.

As always, there are surprises in the kitchen. For instance, I didn't realize the shrimp needed peeling (they still had shells and legs) until the last minute! Happily, most of the surprises were good ones: my guests brought more food than I thought. Someone brought half a birthday cake, another brought a pie and cupcakes, a third brought a fruit plate and a huge loaf of garlic bread! Someone even brought wine. We forgot to open it, he wouldn't take it home, and since I'm a teetotaler I think it's going to age until I think up something to cook it in.

A few happy moments: someone who I occasionally experience tension with complimented me on the chicken. She said it was moist and flavorful, and this especially encouraged me because of that homemade marinade! Everyone insisted that the food was good and that I should do this more often; one of my friends even sent an email afterwards. The world is so bright today!

Edit: I added pictures today (12/13/11) since a tankmate posted them on facebook!

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