Friday, November 18, 2011

Anatomy is almost over!!

As I approach the end of the semester, I find myself counting down anatomy labs. (As of 3:30 today, five left, and I am only dissecting for two of them, orbit and nasal cavity!) Today, we sawed a crown-like cut through the skull and removed the brain. I tolerated seeing the cadaver's face (last Monday) pretty well. He had been a handsome, older man. I noticed that his brows were slightly knit in an expression of effort or light pain; otherwise, his countenance was peaceful.

Also of note: this morning I spoke to the professor I saw at Planned Parenthood. (It turns out, he hadn't recognized me.) He was as polite as ever, explaining that he'd read pathology reports from before Roe vs. Wade, and never wanted someone to die such a horrible death. He and I acknowledged that we both care about women, but that the battle across the fence was nevertheless real. He even called it "ferocious." I told him in parting to keep caring about women, and that I would do the same.

The brevity of this post is hardly excusable, but I hope you'll believe me when I judge it inappropriate to spend much longer online--I have a comprehensive histo quiz, an ethics test (gah) to take, and an exam (the penultimate of the semester!) next week.


  1. Congrats on anatomy being almost over! I was never a fan. We just finished all of our anatomy earlier this month (we do two semester second of M1 and first of M2 with anatomy) and I have never been so relieved.

    Good luck on your tests! (Btw are you guys system based or class based?)

  2. I apologize for replying so late! Blogger ate my comment of last week.

    Congratulations on being done with anatomy!

    We're region-based during this semester because of our dissections; after this, we're system-based. How about you?