Sunday, November 27, 2011

Butternut squash soup (and apple tarts)

 Butternut squash (cubed, from my freezer but less immediately from Sam's)
+ chopped baby carrots
+ half a large onion
+ a tablespoon of ginger root (from ♥Mom♥)
+ crockpot
+ blender

A yummy, tasty soup for chilled lunches; accompanied well by nuts and bacon. Next time, I might actually be patient enough to roast the squash first. But probably not.

Pretty, and pretty tasty.

Baby food....I mean healthy cuisine. Umm...

And because I still had half an onion (and a ton of apple slices left over from Thanksgiving dessert), I decided to make apple/onion/pecan tarts. An ambitious and random project that tasted good but looked...ambitious and random.

And my pie-crust skills need improvement. The dough wasn't uniform enough. However, it was still fun and tasty, as anything with butter will inevitably be.
Clearly, I cannot divide a chunk of dough into four equal pieces! At left is the only pretty shell (the empty one). I finally realized that I should probably form the sides of the tart before I stuck the stuff in.

Today, I also made soda bread, which came out like sandwich thins (exactly as I'd planned). Since they looked sort of underwhelming, I'll post about them later. I believe my long semester of questing for the perfect homebaked bread for the medical student is almost over....

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