Friday, August 5, 2011

So different...

Medical school and TAC are very alike in that I feel like I study 80% of the time I'm awake. (Sometime, I should measure that.) The biggest difference I feel right now is the level of technology utilization. It's almost comical.

TAC Medical School
if an assignment changed, a scrap of paper went up: "Seniors IV.2 Coughlin: read pp 2-4 for Monday"
Blackboard 9
supposed to facilitate spreading of information...guess there's a learning curve
there are two whiteboards on campus,
but we don't talk about that.
huge screens
these project the powerpoint, the lecturer, and anything else they want (qrayon it up!)
pens and paper
even Aristotle would know what to do.
laptops, iPads, tablets
the "old school" people type. all the cool people use styluses or their fingers.
"no recording devices are permitted" 
in the classrooms
every lecture recorded and posted 
"within 24 business hours"
my last semester, the dean reviewed a request to allow kindles. the answer was a diplomatic "no."
bootlegged ebooks
I have bought ONE physical book for my medical education. I have, like, sixteen ebooks.
class of <20 class of 200
and I realize this is a step down for
some of my peers...
you can see everybody and be heard from everywhere in the classroom we videoconference with a location 100 miles away, and have to use microphones to be heard

Fascinating. Which venue better facilitates education? Hm...

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