Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Have I mentioned that there are about a zillion passwords and websites to remember?
  1. the site for viewing the histology slides (too cool for microscopes)
  2. Blackboard
  3. the M2s' resource site. More overwhelming than helpful?
  4. the facebook group
  5. the dropbox
  6. the yahoo listserv (so nineties, IMHO, but Matriculation thinks it's a great communication tool, so I don't complain)
  7. the site they use to quiz us in real time during class in their powerpoints (mildly nifty)
  8. the site I use to take notes on pdfs, since all the lecture notes are published in pdfs
  9. the site I view the recorded lectures on
  10. the analogue to blackboard to pool all my information for the Health Science center, which (btw) isn't actually part of the affiliated University. It's part of the university system. (I still get charged $101 for the university's rec center?)
  11. the medical science library webpage
  12. the university services (e.g. paying for parking permits)
  13. the HSC email
  14. the virtual private network, which I need to access before I view histology if I want to view from home
  15. the site for ExamSoft, the program through which I take all my exams.
TOO MANY! I thought I had a lot with two banks, Google, facebook, FAFSA, Sallie Mae, and my computer's password. Want to know the best part? There's also a combination lock on my locker for the Gross Lab.

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