Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily schedule

Quickie post:

Right now, my daily schedule looks like this:
6:45ish - wake up, take walk with anatomy or histology flash cards. Walk to mail kiosk, get mail.
7:20 - shower/get ready
7:40 - pray
8:00 - breakfast
8:15 - leave for school
9:00 - class
12:00 lunch/study
1:00 - more class
3:00 - more class or lab (some days), study (other days)
5:00 - stop studying, travel to St. Mary's Church
5:30 - Mass
6:30 - go home (or to anatomy lab), study
10:30 - do dishes, pack bag for tomorrrow, Vespers, and bed

And right now (I've gotta say) I'm loving every minute!! It is SO AWESOME to be studying what I love to study ALL THE TIME!! No more intervening stupid classes, it's all what I want to do. I am pretty much gleeful all day--gleefully serious, but gleeful. My only source of negativity is the possibility of failure. But I trust in Christ, who made heaven and earth. And really? Medicine doesn't make saints; union with Christ makes saints.

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  1. To your last sentence: amen! Boy, I could definitely remember that sort of thing more often.