Monday, June 1, 2015

Cheap posts while I move

Continuing with the theme of fake posts of old material I'm digging up while I'm moving, here are some notes I took when I talked with a college friend about medicine.
We were talking about souls...then turned to the "reality" (heavy quotation marks) of this world. It has a purpose and it has beauty, to lead us to God. And there is no greater beauty than man, the only "very good" among all the "good." Man's beauty is in his soul, but also in his body. So, medicine! An exciting profession, to deal with the greatest beauty of physical creation.
On a related note, I remember once praying in the beautiful chapel at TAC and watching one of the sacristan a clean the floors. I was a little jealous. I was a librarian, but I wanted to be a sacristan. Then I realized that, since human bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, I would be a sacristan for the rest of my life.

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