Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Old Interests

The central issue of my thinking in high school was the compatibility of faith and reason (or, as I initially phrased it, religion and science). As I'm packing to move out of state for residency, I'm digging through  all this stuff from high school and college. Take a look:

I was also struck to find the first article I ever read in a medical course (our medical careers class in high school), which was about doctors having to close practices because of the cost of malpractice insurance. I often remembered this article as I pursued my undergraduate and profession degrees, but always remembered the article as a problem of insurance payments, not malpractice. 

I was surprised (first of all, that I had kept the article, and second) to see that it was about malpractice, not insurance. The article is a little time capsule: medical malpractice is no longer such a big monster, at least where I intend to to practice, thanks to tort reform. In its stead, insurers and government fees are now lined up to make bank from patients and their physicians, in the country's newest industry. And hauntingly, there's a little news piece about Ella (before it was Ella) attached to some clip I saved about ethics. 

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