Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ten Paintings for any Catholic Household (and 5 Runners-Up)

Wondering what to get for your domestic church? Here are ten picks based on what families need most in our culture.

  • Vermeer: Woman with a Water Jug OR Milkmaid
    Here's the young ladies' equivalent of the astronomer and the geographer. Vermeer's work with light and transparency, combined with his equally beautiful depiction of women of different personalities and realistic weights (i.e. body mass indices) can be helpful to young girls.

  • Brueghel: Numbering at Bethlehem
    Another visually interesting scene also remarkable for a different style from the others; it's half Where's Waldo and half religious art--another perfect choice for your family room, especially at Christmas.

  • Wright of Derby: Milton's Comus
    A more muted set of colors and a more mythical theme makes this one set apart and useful in an older child's room or a guestroom.

  • El Greco: The Adoration of the Name of Jesus
    Couldn't not have an El Greco: the challenge he poses to prissy Romanticism fanatics is important in teaching members of a family that what they like isn't all that's good. Regardless of whether you choose El Greco or Picasso to make this point, it's a good one to make.

  • Zurbaran: Still Life with Lemons, Oranges, and a Rose
    Chosen for its subtle ability to represent Mary in a still life (teaching the power of art as it does so).

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