Thursday, March 5, 2015

Daily Meditation with 70+ Hour Weeks

After I realized during my third year that I needed to prepare better for prayer, I started to create a list of verses that were easy to use and fruitful for meditation. I then expanded it to over 365 verses and sorted them so that I could use my imagination as meditation directs us.

I'm sharing the result on this blog because it is part of the experience of a Catholic medical student, and it might be helpful to some. This list is long, and it's got its own page: A Year of Meditation for Busy 21st Century Souls.

The list is still growing. The entirety of the life of Christ is present, but many Old Testament stories and many epistles are still untapped. It also needs the refinement and development that will come with use and time. But if you find it interesting to see how a 70+ hour work week can admit 30 minutes of daily meditation, take a look.

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