Friday, November 22, 2013


This post conforms to the blog rules.I have not yet seen someone die, although many of my classmates have. I may when I am on inpatient IMED or surgery.

I have only seen little signs of death. As I was walking out of the hospital to my car, I once saw a hearse pull up to the building where I know the pathology lab is. I guess the morgue is down there, in the basement. The hearse was pulled up into a place where dumpsters were. That made me sad, that the body of the deceased person was among the trash.

My second brush with death just occured, only a few minutes ago. I'm sitting in the student lounge (I'm supposed to be studying), and a few minutes ago I heard sobbing outside the door. I debated about whether to ignore it, but I went out after a moment and found two women, one weeping and one crying loudly. I asked what was wrong.

The weeping woman wiped her eyes and said, "my brother's back there," pointing to the third-floor ICU located behind the student lounge. After I asked whether I could do anything for them and offered to pray, I went back into the lounge. Twenty or so minutes later (now) I heard new, loud cries from the same place, joined by a man. And I prayed for the man's soul. I don't know if he had died, but he may have. Please pray for the departed of this hospital and all hospitals today!

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