Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vocation story

I have recently finished writing my vocation story! I was hard and easy at the same time. I felt like I should get it "right," and somehow have the perfect version...but that just resulted in me never typing anything. Finally, one day I just sat down and told it. Deo gratias.


  1. Nice! I've heard about consecrated virgins before from the stories of many female saints; they "consecrated their virginity to God", but I never knew how they did this, if there was a specific rite, a specific prayer, and so on. While I am not called to this vocation (I'm an aspirant of Lay Dominican), I do find it intriguing. Could you maybe share more about this ancient order some time?

    This post has inspired me! I might have to share my own vocation story! :)

    1. Anna, thank you for reading and God bless you for pursuing the Lay Dominican vocation. I had several professors in college who were Dominican tertiaries; they set great examples for us.

      I am hoping to share a lot more about consecrated virginity, but if you're curious right now, check out This is the most ancient form of consecrated life in the Church, whereby a virgin is set aside by God as a person given over to Christ, her bridegroom. Tradition tells us St. Matthew consecrated the first virgin with a prayer similar to the one virgins are consecrated by today. The rite was suppressed for a time for women in the world and renewed in 1970.

      There is a specific prayer ensconced in a special Rite (which resembles the rites surrounding the sacraments of Matrimony and Holy Orders). The rite is woven into a Mass, also much like Matrimony and Holy Orders. And it's beautiful! More to come. Thanks for giving me another opportunity to talk about this vocation!

    2. Thanks for your reply! I'm looking forward to reading more posts on the Consecrated Virgins. (Of course, medicine-related posts are worth a read too :)