Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting Ready for Third Year

In the week between the first session of the Catholic Spiritual Mentorship Program and orientation for third year (next Monday-Friday), I am relaxing at my apartment before I move to a new city to begin the second half of medical school. I am slowly packing

Both of my roommates have moved out, so I am alone. I also have very little furniture left, since they owned the couches, the dining room set, the easy chairs, the TV, and two thirds of the end tables. We also don't have internet, but I'm not very impoverished since I have a smartphone and plenty of places with free wifi (like the Newman center). It feels like 2011.

I have to learn to use the electronic health record at the new hospital system I'm working at, and filling out registration forms for badges and vehicle permits, etc. I feel like this has happened before, too. And my stuff is all half-packed again and I'm having time to cook and craft again, too. (I made a holy water font by pressing a statue into some salt dough, allowing the newly-made mold to dry, and then pressing more salt dough into the mold.)

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