Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm moving!

The day has arrived--the day before the move to medical school. Tomorrow, this will be "my parents' house." Today, I have been scurrying since early this morning and I've been badgering my mother all day. Suddenly there is so much to do: have the car in order (oil change, tire rotation, fix a hubcap, state inspection, new insurance card...never mind the fact that I have had to learn to drive stick), there are the final details to pack, and a trip to Catholic Charities (for the things I'm not taking). I also had to change my move-in day and my appointment with the movers to accommodate my family's ability to drive the three hour trip tomorrow. We're leaving at 4:30am so that my brother (a college freshman at the same university as my school of medicine) can get to his orientation on time.

My starting cost is going to be so low! My mom has given me basically everything I could dream of needing. I thank God I'm not doing this alone.

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