Friday, July 29, 2011

It's been a hard transition! I feel like someone plunked me down in front of a mile-long scantron and slapped me with an exam that demanded:

Please acquire and/or integrate all the following components into an entirely new adult life. Doing so with poise is required for a passing grade.

  1. New car (manual transmission)
  2. New apartment (first time renter)
    1. broken ceiling fan
    2. self-move
    3. 100° weather
    4. no Internet
    5. furnishings needed: bed, desk chair
  3. New contact information (do not rattle off the old phone number while calling important people! And do not so much as stumble while scraping out the new one!)
    1. phone number
    2. email address
    3. permanent address
  4. New city. Locate:
    1. major stores
    2. churches, campuses
    3. parking
    4. peculiarities (e.g. streets with two or three names)

Thank goodness I had so much help. What a basket case I would be otherwise!

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