Friday, April 12, 2013

Quick facts about the upcoming month or so...

Last Monday I received the scores of my CBSE (Comprehensive Basic Science Exam) a diagnostic test for the upcoming STEP 1. Now that I have them, I go through a ritual of meeting with the test-prep advisor at my school and formulating a STEP 1 Study Plan for the weeks between me and the STEP.

(I actually don't know when I'm taking the STEP, due to a potential week-long program on prayer which I might attend out of state. Because I'm not sure whether that should happen before or after STEP, I'm waiting to schedule the test until after the meeting with the test-prep advisor. If I knew the date, there would probably be some sort of count-down widget on the blog.)

Anyway: this post is really not a post. It's a disclaimer: I may not post at all until after third year begins, which is in mid-June. Pray for me, my classmates, and all medical students taking licensing exams this spring! As we prepare for a profession presenting so many occasions of grace and sin, we need prayers to choose good and avoid evil.

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