Monday, April 8, 2013

How Pro-Choice Doctors Think (Part III)

We had a lecture about contraception. We learned about all kinds of hormonal stuff (combo OCPs, progestin-only OCPs, IUDs, depots, and implants) and then a few "contragestational contraceptives" like mifepristone/misoprostol and methotrexate.


Those last two are abortifacients. I emailed the professor.
Are "contragestational contraceptives" abortifacient? We had mifepristone/misoprostol in our therapeutic abortion lecture and I'm wondering whether this is the same as a medical TA [therapeutic abortion].
And the professor replied that, yes, "contragestational contraceptives" were identical to medical therapeutic abortions. Here is the place in the post where I would place some kind of acidic quote from social-commentary-fiction about the toxicity of euphenisms, but I'm not well-read and I'm not willing to go Google stuff to appear like I am.

That seems to be the main problem with doctors who ignore the sanctity of life: applying words to things without thinking about the thing itself. Distancing oneself from real knowledge by putting one or more (and more and more and more as the existing labels become meaningful or disproven).

Fundamentally, it's carefully maintained ignorance, a barrier placed between one's mind and the truth. In a way, it's like intellectual contraception.

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