Saturday, October 20, 2012

I still cook

...just not as often. In fact, my diet has really declined due to a combination of unplanned spending (various extracurriculars not delivering compensation as expected) and food prep time depletion.

However, during the weekend between the cardiovascular block and the respiratory block, I cooked up a storm. My roommates and I bought two pumpkins: one for carving, and one for cooking.

Carving a pumpkin is halfway between a workout and an arts and crafts session.
Notice the artistic use of the sharpie (upper right) and the athletic use of the knife (lower panel). 

The finished jack o'lantern. We put an apple cinnamon candle inside it and it smells amazing.

We roasted the smaller pumpking and pureed it to make pumpkin bread....

...and pumpkin yogurt...
... and pumpkin soup (sooooo tasty).

And, of course, there were pumpkin seeds aplenty.

Pumpkins are so cheap and produce so much food! It's almost enough to make me consider becoming vegetarian.

Except, meat is so goooooood. A few weeks ago, I bought five pounds of ground beef (which lasts me a month or more). I was in creativity heaven with spices, and made taco meat and hamburgers and meatballs and even my own sausage. (I used wax paper to seal the sausages, since I didn't have any porcine intestine lying around.)
Even though no one ever taught me to cook, I still think I can!


Now that we're safely out of the cardiovascular block, I feels safe eating foods other than spinach and fish. Hurray!

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  1. Your carved Jack O'Lantern is practically a fireplace. Is that code?