Friday, October 19, 2012

Cool Stuff

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Over my first preceptorship, I saw, heard, and felt a lot! This post has nothing to do with Catholicism, faith, holiness, dignity, or anything supernatural. It's just a list of amazing things the human body exhibits when something's wrong. If you're bored you should google some of these.
  1. patient frustrated with the wait time (this is actually a not-so-amazing thing the human mind does when something's wrong...)
  2. skin grafts
  3. screws bulging under the skin of old internal fixations
  4. inverted T wave on ECG (cardiac ischemia)
  5. arcus
  6. excessive bony transverse processes in cervical spine compressing nerve roots (shooting arm pain)
  7. omega-3 FA deficiency
  8. polycystic kidney disease
  9. glossitis
  10. puncture wound to foot
  11. fibromyalgia
  12. cherry angiomas
  13. polypharmacy causing fatigue
  14. sarcoidosis
  15. Bell's palsy
  16. possible new Ehlers-Danlos diagnosis?
  17. diabetes mellitus (type II)
  18. recurrent UTI
  19. diabetic neuropathy: hyperesthesia in hands and feet, anesthesia in feet
  20. pitting edema
  21. enlarged tonsil (making the uvula deviate)
  22. femoral bruits
  23. hemiplegic migraine
  24. mild clubbing
I also wrote my first two prescriptions! (I didn't sign them; that would be maybe we should say they weren't my first two prescriptions. But the drug, dose, number, and sig were all in my handwriting!) Wow, what an experience.

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  1. I've never seen a tonsil so enlarged that it deviates the uvula. O_o

    My most interesting cases so far are:
    1) a 32-y-old male with RHD that damages three of his cardiac valves
    2) a 50-y-old female admitted with unexplained bleeding and severe thrombocytopenia (8,000 cells/ul) who turns out to have M3 leukemia (WBC count keeps rising to over 50,000 cells/ul during hospital stay)
    3) CNS toxo in a 40-something-y-old male with AIDS

    Also, the cardio clinic has successfully made me ECG-literate :p