Friday, September 28, 2012

Songs for the Lost

We acts as we sing. Song is a sign of our internal loves, because song is a form of intimate communication. (Fascinating implications for our country, the Reformation, the Church, and pretty much anything else.) Song is imbued with emotion, and emotion can be fuel to whip up zeal, contain grace, and remember God.

Some time last week, I was facing a dark development in the life of a friend (which has disappeared and all is as it was). The friend seemed lost, off the path so far I could not reach him. Despair is easy to slip into in such times, although a Catholic has hope. I was so hope-emic, though, that I needed some IV hope. Enter, song.

Song of the Church who has reason for her hope in the Cross. Song, especially, of the Medieval Church.

Adam lay ybounden,
Bounden in a bond;
Four thousand winter,
Thought he not too long.

And all was for an apple,
An apple that he took.
As clerkes finden,
Written in their book.

Ne had the apple taken been,
The apple taken been,
Ne had never our ladie,
Abeen heav'ne queen.

Blessed be the time
That apple taken was,
Therefore we moun singen.
Deo gracias!
Hope trumps sin; Christ saves Adam. This song captures the true happiness amid suffering and courage amid darkness.

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  1. Hi, I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blog and the Thought Provoking Blog Awards. It is encouraging to hear another Catholic in the healthcare profession especially in these changeling times. You can the information on my blog. Once again thank you for sharing your story.