Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fortnight of Frenzy?

If I survive the next two weeks, it will be a feat of incomparable scheduling gymnastics. Watch what's happening:
  1. Sept 17: CMA meeting to decide if our local CMA-SS will be a chapter of the big CMA-SS (involves finances and money, etc yuck)
  2. Sept 17-20: Lectures covered by Exam 2
  3. Sept 20: MedSFL reception in Houston (I'm going for fundraising and networking) [too crazy]
  4. Sept 21: Exam 2
  5. Sept 24-27: Lectures covered by Exam 3
  6. Sept 23: first (mandatory) meeting of bible study I signed up for
  7. Sept 23: monthly Mass with CMA-SS members
  8. Sept 25: MedSFL meeting at my school (big event I've been working on for about a year, or maybe since June 2011)
  9. Sept 26-30: CMA Conference, at which I am presenting a poster. If it seems odd that I be in Minnesota at a conference and at home taking an exam, don't be confused, because...
  10. Sept 25: I take Exam 3 early (four days after Exam 2)
In order to do this, I am studying Exam 3 material now. (It's awesome, it's all about cardiac conductivity; I just wish things were a little more spread out.) I'm grateful that I'm not in the anatomy lab, that I've been taught cardiac physiology at every level of my education since age 14, and that Our Lord is present in the Eucharist all the time, waiting for me to lay the head of my soul on his Heart when everything gets too hectic. 

Hopefully, this won't be a frenzied time, just a very, very busy one where I hang on to Christ's peace until the whirlwind is over.

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