Monday, August 13, 2012

The Year of Faith: I'm So Unprepared....

After reading Pope Benedict's encyclicals, I'm very excited for the Year of Faith that begins on October 11. This theological virtue is one of the things our culture (the Catholic culture, especially) most needs.

So, I made resolutions to grow in faith this academic year, by keeping Christ more in mind and by focusing in prayer on His presence. However, I find I'm running a bit behind the Church: I don't even have the prerequisites for Faith!

I lack meekness, which allows faith in unheckled! I lack calm, so the ship of my spiritual life is constantly buffeted with all kinds of turbulence. And finally, I lack discipline, so that I can't acquire the other two things!

(By the way: all the exclamation points aren't to signify fear, as if my own efforts can get me into shape before October 11. They're an attempt at holy shock at the state of my soul.) It's time to shape up.

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