Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer schedule and Second Year

Uninteresting post ahead. (Update for the sake of record-keeping.)

During the IBPCA preceptorship I went to morning Mass at a parish other than the one I attended all last year, because thought this would be better for my studies (if not for my gasoline bill).

Summer: (except for Wednesdays, which were surgery days)
6:00am: wake up, drive to new parish and make morning meditation before
7:00am: Mass!
7:40am: Morning Prayer with the parish (I was a little not-enthused about this...they pray so s.l.o.w.l.y and I sometimes skipped it to pray by myself later; in retrospect, I don't like that fact.)
8:15am: arrive at clinic, review charts
9:00am: Dr. D arrives. See lots of patients and learn lots of stuff.
1:30pm: grab a quick lunch. (I missed Midday Prayer almost all summer. And I really missed it.)
6:00pm: finish seeing patients
6:15pm: arrive home for Evening Prayer; research the things Dr. D told me to look up; attempt to win culture wars (online, by planning extracurricular events of this academic year, etc)
10:00pm: Compline and bed!

Second year: (except for Wednesdays, which are preceptorship days)
6:00am: ditto, with Morning Prayer
7:00am: miraculous ditto
7:40am: go back home (if class begins at 9:00) for carpool, or go directly to class (if it begins at 8:00)
12:00am: Midday prayer, lunch
3:00pm: home, and study for four or five hours. (This is the block I purchased by changing Masses, and I really love it.)
9:30pm: stop studying and do something spiritual: work on the icon, meditate on Scripture, etc.
10:00pm: Compline and bed.

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