Sunday, February 5, 2012

Planned Parenthood and Trafficking

Mature viewing only.

You can't believe every video you see. But PP fired this manager after changing its statements from 'we called the cops' to 'this was unprofessional and unethical,' so I believe this is unadulterated footage.

The darkness of the world feels so overpowering. We must have confidence in God; the more our wills and desires are his, the abler we are to allow him into the turbulence of our own souls and of the world around us. As I googled for this (by the way, it is very hard to find: PP pays for the top result to be "PP exposes sex ring...") I found an article from TIME magazine, and was floored to see it attempt to brush off the footage.
The video released Tuesday by Live Action appears to be edited, and it is not possible to know the full context of Woodruff’s comments. One could argue that much of her behavior was in keeping with Planned Parenthood protocol: she suggested, for instance, that the girls should receive full gynecological exams and follow-up care, rather than just STD testing, and reiterated that any woman who comes through Planned Parenthood’s doors deserves access to care.
This is a stretch of the phrase "much of." The author states the only appropriate thing Woodruff did.
Of course, if in fact she believed [what she was told], her response was clearly lax. But [perhaps] Woodruff’s seeming encouragement of the [actors] was an attempt to coax the victims of abuse into her care....
To do this would also be inappropriate. A healthcare worker is less qualified than the police (or other specialist) to take care of these victims.
Aside from the fact that such video “exposés” prevent workers like those at Planned Parenthood from delivering care — presumably, they are not attending to real clients in need during the activists’ sting operations — they also result in exorbitant costs to the government to fund unnecessary investigations.
Exorbitant? Ten minutes of an MA's time?
It also seems that the $125,000 grant that Lila Rose reportedly received from an anonymous donor to carry out the investigation of Planned Parenthood might have better served the effort to eradicate sex trafficking if it had been given to the Polaris Project or any other organization that actually fights sex trafficking.
Two things: $125,000 is pennies in the life/choice funding fight; and the purpose of the videos was not to eradicate sex trafficking, it was to defame and expose PP for what it is.


  1. As far as it being edited Live Action released the whole unedited version within days of releasing the original. It's still just as awful.

    1. I agree. Good point. (Sorry for the late reply. Antibiotics and Neoplasia just ended with an exam this morning. I hope med school is going well for you!)