Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Loooooong hiatus

Whew! I'm posting in the eye of a hurricane*. I was told February is the med student's lowest month. If I had time to focus on my grades, I'm sure that would be true (yeah), but since there's so much more to life I haven't been uber depressed (which is healthy, I guess). Here are the highlights:
  • HHS mandate. Ex.haust.ing. I was checking news and reading stuff and talking with people eight times a day, HOPING that the administration wouldn't do what it has, in fact done. I'm still in shock, I can't believe this happened, and I don't know what this means for my future. (Same can be said of Obamacare.)
  • The CMA is slowly taking off. It's hard: there are people who are just returning to the sacraments, and there are others who I don't get along with well. 
  • Exam 2 for Introduction to Disease = baseball bat to the face. BUT, like I said, there's been so much else going on that I haven't really noticed.
  • Made octopus soup! Week after that, parasitology block began. Learned about GI worms. Looked at frozen seafood bag, which read "product of China." I'm not quite hypochondriac about this, but I am now looking at my Lenten supplies with serious doubt.
  • Retreat. The same week that I had my exam and the week before I went out of town for three days, I went on a Busy Person Retreat. It was such a grace. I didn't think having a non-habit-wearing Ursuline nun as a spiritual director for four days of directed prayer could be helpful. Boy, was I wrong!
  • I applied for a research program this summer to work with the designer of the Worth the Wait sex education program. I think good, preventative, wholesome education is SO important. Please pray God's will be done and if at all possible, that I be accepted. I'm (kind of) putting all my eggs in this basket (oops).
  • I applied for the National Student Research Program at UTMB. (Why all this research? I've never done bench research because it doesn't sound engaging, but I like clinical research and public health, as long as the research is meaningful, not forgetful of the patient, and doesn't stifle compassion.)

*Did you know the eyes of hurricanes can be polygonal?? Check out the pentagon in the upper right part of this picture.

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