Friday, September 30, 2016

Blogging = Self-Publishing (It Doesn't Count)

I like to think about bioethics, theology, and the philosophy of medicine. I like to write about them on this blog. But I realized a few months ago that burying my essays in a blog is no good. I'm not saying this blog is a waste of time. It's a useful outlet for a verbal processor (me) and a nifty window for a few others to see into the life of a resident. It's also been a tiny hub for OB/GYN residents and students who want to practice according to their consciences.

Having come to this conclusion, I will keep sketching out my thoughts here, but I will no longer keep my thoughts limited to this page. This blog is exactly what the subtitle says: it's my experience. It's an open diary. That's why there are stories, schedules, and random cooking and ulcerative colitis posts.

But to be productive, scholastic dialogue has to happen in existing, professional avenues. That means NCBQ, LQ, Obstet Gynecol, and AJOG. And to be useful, advice on conscience has to be more accessible and more generalized. And that means I'm very excited to announce that I'm helping with a new project. It's called Conscience in Residency, and it's a single place for students, residents, PhDs, and even pharmacists to go for practical advice in following their conscience. (It's technically going live tomorrow, so be excited that I gave you first peek.) Apart from telling you I helped in CIR, I won't ever announce a publication, to protect anonymity. Bummer! Publications are major parties. Maybe every time I publish I'll just put up a picture of fireworks, 0-30 randomly-generated days after acceptance or epub or print? Would that be vain?

This also means you'll see disappearance of a few posts that are being rewritten for publication, or have been published. Sorry if the blog gets a little disorganized and links die! (Rest in peace, links.)

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