Saturday, August 29, 2015

Two months in review (7-8/2015)

In the past two months, I've been on night float and on the ultrasound service. I've worked an average of 68 hours per week and used 1-2 servings of caffeine per 24 hour period. I've delivered 35 babies, done 5 C-sections (as primary surgeon), and done about 160 ultrasounds of various types.

I'm learning how to admit patients to triage, evaluate them, "dispo" them (send them home or keep them), answer dozens of types of nurse and patient phone calls, and "update the board" (keep abreast of what every patient is doing in labor and delivery). I'm also working on ways to wash laundry only every other week, recycle in my small borough, cook only once a week, make a bed while getting out of it, and shower in the time it takes to sing a Credo. I've replaced a car battery, hung blackout curtains, and bought several loads of furniture. And most importantly, I'm trying to make space in all this work for the liturgy of the hours, meditation, the rosary, confession, and Mass. I've made a lot of mistakes, but I'm being patient with myself as I try to do better. It's been a challenge.

I enjoy the work, especially when the deliveries are beautiful or I get things right. I'm at a good hospital with excellent and friendly nurses and my upper levels and chiefs are paying it forward, being kind to me so that I can be kind to the students and the next generation of residents in the future.

Things to learn in the future are how to not miss morning meditation, how to write discharge summaries in ten minutes, how to round on a dozen people in an hour and a half, and how to do dishes only once a week without starting an impromptu microbiology lab. I am also working on having local NFP resources printed for handing to patients in clinic (which is happening in the next two months) and having my elevator speeches together for when I am doing nothing but seeing postpartum and clinic patients. Any prayers would be appreciated!

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  1. You continue to be an inspiration with your dedicated, methodical and loving approach to your vocation. I will be praying for you - thanks for making it easy to be specific on your behalf.
    Love and blessings dear sister in Christ!
    P.S. When I finished reading this post, what immediately filled my imagination were all the babies! All those deliveries and the joy of new life - made me happy.