Friday, April 17, 2015

24-Hour Call on L&D: A Breath of Fresh Air

This post conforms to the blog rules.This minipost started during an away and was never written. It's the story of two 24-hour L&D shifts in the middle of a urogynecology rotation. The attending belittled me and taught me nothing, and I missed obstetrics. So when I heard that "acting interns usually take the Thursday 24-hour shifts," I was ecstatic. So, as an escape from my attending (and away to see more of the residency program, because this was an audition rotation), I took call. It was wonderful to be with laboring women, L&D nurses, infants, and fathers. I saw a D&C for retained placenta, a sacral dystocia (yeah, weird), and a few sections (at one of which I legitimately impressed the resident with my running subcuticular, which I have been perfecting since the summer after M1). It was wonderful.

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