Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Med School Cultural Immersion

First of all, the ultimate reference for med school memes is whatshouldwecall medschool, a tumblr. Sorry that some of the references are crude. Some also take the Lord's name in vain. Some of my personal favorite references are to gunners and the strange way third-year med students learn.

When the gunner on your team promises
not to take on a lot of patients so that no one
has to work hard and you know it's gonna end like...
A gunner is a med student with too much ambition. There are stories about gunners tearing pages out of textbooks to lower the maximum score of the rest of the class. My classmates joke about people gunning, but I don't know that anyone's really so enthralled and exclusive at my school. Gangnam style and #Selfie parodies exist. The wink at 6:38 in this parody is a gunner move.

For third year, two Let It Go parodies (this one and this one) are brilliant. The second one is part of a whole series. Most of What Should We Call Med School is about third year and it's all true. All of it. I remember when I was really upset by the combination of continuous evaluation, helpless incompetence, and ridiculous expectations created by third year. I went to WSWCM and read memes for two hours. And I felt amazing, because I realized I wasn't alone.

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