Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fund a Battleship

I'm going to the Pope Paul VI Institute (PPVI) medical consultant program in November! This is a six-month thing with two on-site weeks in Nebraska at PPVI. It's going to cost about $5,000, so I'm fundraising. Tell EVERYONE you know! Even if you don't donate: go to the page, comment with Facebook, tell more people to do the same. Let's make it the most popular gofundme ever!!


  1. Hi! Will go visit your funding site in a minute--hope it takes paypal--but please look at the following link. It's from a Catholic mother's blog. She is desperate for a diagnosis of her daughter's many symptoms and syndromes. The children's hospital is throwing up its hands and attributing is to Conversion disorder, even though psychologists who actually know the child disagree vehemently. Lots of people are making suggestions in the comments, but maybe, as a medical student who is practicing diagnosis all the time, you will have some ideas that have the force of greater knowledge and experience. Here's the link:

    1. Thank you so much for your donation, Daria! I'm amazed by people's generosity, and I'm also excited that the campaign is going well so far. Every donation means that someone wants better healthcare for women and couples and family, and that motivates me to work even harder!

      I am not a licensed physician, but I read the blog post and will pray that a diagnosis can be found. This mom, her daughter, and her whole family are suffering a lot! Thank you for putting me in touch with this person; I will alert the nation's consecrated virgins to pray for them.

  2. NaPro Technology is based on Creighton. Creighton is based in part on the work of Drs. John and Lynn Billings and Dr. James Brown, but is not wholly true to the science of identifying peaks - and thus ovulation - which must be the basis for all natural family planning methods. NaPro technology relies heavily on the use of progesterone and clomid to try to overcome faulty ovulation. It does not address the reason for the faulty ovulation as such, and thus sometimes misses the potential to diagnose ovulation disorders (as it identifies "multiple peaks" in certain cycle, and inaccurately identifies peaks in others). Dr. Mary Martin in Oklahoma City and Dr. Mary Walsh in Melbourne Australia and Dr. Pilar Vigil in Chile have identified the underlying hormonal causes of faulty ovulation, and easily treat this without having constant recourse to progresterone and clomid, although they use these on occasion. These doctors all use Billings Ovulation Method and therefore more accurately identify peaks, and thus more accurately identify when ovulation is occurring. The NaPro Technology/Creighton model is specifically American, and while it may meet the needs of some American women, it is inherently flawed scientifically in some critical respects. It is also a method which asks women to pay out of pocket, while Billings Ovulation Method teachers around the world (including China where there are some 55,000 of them) do not ask for reimbursement. You would do well to consider this and research more thoroughly the science behind the method you are considering training in. Another point - you might be interested in the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Michigan. They have a particular interest in NFP and some of their physician-sisters are trained in NaPro technology. God Bless you for your good intentions. Seek the truth.