Friday, March 14, 2014

Fruits of the Flare-Up

  1. This.
  2. I discovered I need to be way more compassionate with patients. I had no idea the depth of the terms "malaise" and "fatigue."
  3. I used to wonder how patients could stand just lying in bed all day, not doing anything. Weren't we boring them to death, like kenneled animals? Nope. Nope, when you're sick, you don't care. Bed is good, or as good as it gets.
  4. Life is only about becoming more and more dependent on God. That is all. And even when all I could do was lie in bed and stare at the wall, I could still depend on God. So I was still able to become a saint, even with near-zero function. Wow!
  5. In fact, it was easier to depend on God when I was sick. Now that I'm closer to better, I keep thinking I'm the captain of my life again. (The pill box is a good reminder.)

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