Thursday, June 9, 2011

Signed a lease today

Today I sent a momentous email:
Hi Leasing Agent,

Attached is the lease that my roommate and I signed. Everything looks clear and good. When will we receive the addenda listed on page six?

I'd like to contact wireless internet and other utility companies to transfer our utilities to our name. Can you provide me with instructions and contact info for these companies? Also, could you also provide estimated utility bills for a B1 like ours? Last, is ours an end unit?

Thanks for all your good help.

Hurray! After two months of fiddling around and after feeling like I really pressured my poor future roomie into getting this place (as opposed to the one where all the med students are, which is closer but in a worse neighborhood, which might be a little louder and which doesn't have a nice trail behind it, which might not require a car...), and emailing the leasing office back and forth and back and forth...I have a home!!

Thank you, St. Joseph!

I'm going in without a lot of information. I've never lived here before and I know no one there. In retrospect, maybe I should've networked a little more. I didn't know who went there (now I know at least one) and I was dealing with a lot of other stuff...</excuses>

I have some teensy worries about the professionalism of the leasing agent, and whether that is indicative of problems in the management. But, I hope that since the complex is demographically older than others, that the old people know what they're doing, etc. We'll see. Meanwhile, I'm just excited!

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